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Texas 42 ~ This IS Your Gran'Pa's Game !

Dominoes 42

Dominoes, Moon, 'n Texas42
Now you can enjoy playing all three games over the internet at the Virtual Dominoes Hall online. No matter what your experience and skill level of play, you'll have more fun playing these old-tyme family games than ever before.

You can play friends and family from your home or other location no matter where your favorite opponent is located. This link will take you to a navigation site with links to our game rooms, leagues, getting started page, Texas42Club.com's Member's Site [that is the site you are at now], and a Clock that displays Texas Time.

Our club and it's leagues are completely free. We do use The Win42 software that you can purchase on cd or download from the game site. There is a

We play for fun and bragging rights or enjoy the fun and excitement of league play. We have leagues for all three games and even host an occasional tournament. Fun quality people and tough competition makes this the place to enjoy Texas42, Shoot-the-Moon, and Texas-style Dominoes games. We have Club-Help volunteers that are glad to assist you if you need help getting started playing 42 over the internet. You will love it when we have a live event!

So, if you want to learn to play, learn to play better, or just kick some butts, you'll find this site and the one we play all of our games at to be a ReaL HooT !!! Please tell your friends about us so that you can play them here and so that we can whup up on them too ~GriN~

Bid High ~ Play Fast

Sunday 04 March 2007
Texas42Club Dominoes Digest
Dominoes Digest
Keep up with Texas42Club News about Dominoes, Shoot-the-Moon, and of course, Texas42 events. We play for fun, for blood n guts, and for league ratings. We have tourneys that we play over the internet and an occasional live-in-person event.

We play over the internet at the CCdominoes.com game site.
They have the only place on the web where you can play 42, Shoot-the-Moon, and Dominoes. The game graphics are the very best and are life-like as they can be. There are no ads on the game site and the free download installs no adware as is often the case on the internet these days. Plus, you do not have to be on the internet to play or to use the software to teach someone how to play.

Members may post news to the club too! Please use the most appropriate category and please do not use this page as a forum. There are forums at all the ladders for that. We can add a forum here later upon request.

Just Click:Submit News and make your posting. Click on one of the categories below if your posting would best fit in there and you can submit from that category. Your posting will appear once admin approves it.

Check the postings below for game or league help information and live events:
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Posted by Beerdaddy42 on Sunday 04 March 2007 - 17:19:47email to someone printer friendly LAN_NEWS_24
Dominoes Digest
Tri-State 42 Championship HowdyDoody @ (17 Apr : 09:45) (Live Events)
Texico 1st 42 Tournament Beerdaddy42 @ (13 Jan : 17:03) (Live Events)
New Mexico 42 Championship Beerdaddy42 @ (12 May : 09:08) (Live Events)
1st Annual New Mexico 42 Championship Beerdaddy42 @ (25 Apr : 05:06) (Live Events)
Where are the players and games? Beerdaddy42 @ (31 Oct : 15:00) (Questions and Answers)
June 3rd Sunday Moon Tourney pink @ (14 Jun : 09:09) (WinMoon Tourneys)
God rest Grannynancy42 Beerdaddy42 @ (19 Apr : 07:03) (Player News)
Lonestarman Beerdaddy42 @ (07 Mar : 20:23) (Player News)
Sunday Moon Beerdaddy42 @ (04 Mar : 20:08) (WinMoon Tourneys)
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