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Wednesday 31 October 2007
Where are the players and games?
23 Oct : 12:28
Thanks for joining our club. We saw this on the chat board at the membership site:

nickboy wrote:
Where are the players and games?

We play at www.ccdominoes.com . We have two 42 leagues. One is for Barebones and Straight42. The other is for open rules 42. Barebones is played as follows:
Re-shake (no forced bid), No Special contracts (i.e. no nello, no plunge and no sevens). Follow-Me (no-trump) is allowed and the winning bidder is not required to lead out in trumps on the first trick of the hand.

Straight42 is played as follows:
Re-shake, no special contracts, no follow-me, and the winning bidder IS required to lead a trump on the first trick of the hand.

CCdominoes.com also has Shoot-the-Moon and regular Dominoes. We have active leagues for both of those games too!

There is a link on the main page at the Club's Membership Site that may be of help. All you do is scroll the page down and you will see the "News" section. Here is the link to the news section it's self:

The Texas42Club plays at the CCdominoes.com site. The software for the game was written by Curtis Cameron. He hosts the game site where we use his software to play. The game site makes it easy to connect to other players over the internet. However, two of the things we really like are that you can connect to other players without going through the game site if you wish and that you can play against computer "bot players" for practice without going on line at all!

The software is not free but is very inexpensive and more than worth the money. It is a one time purchase. You never pay for the games, updates, or a membership fee to use the site. Mr Cameron does have it set up so that when you download the games, you get all 3 of them and they all work fully functionally for a free trial period. If you decide to purchase all of the games, they cost less than a set of fine quality dominoes or a one year membership at Pogo. You may use the game site for free regardless of whether you purchase the software or not.

Our club does not require that you purchase the games to play in the leagues that our club operates and you are welcome to be in our club without playing in our leagues. We make nothing from CCdominoes or MyLeagues where we host our leagues.

Consult the links at the Texas42Club Dominoes Digest which is located at the bottom of most pages at the club's membership site. I think you may likely figure most everything out on your own. If you need more help let me know. You may e-mail me direct or through the private message mail system at the Texas42Club.com web site. We have club volunteers to assist you with information about the club site, the game site, our league-ladders, and the software.

You ought to be able to join tables at the game site with out much problem. To host your own tables you may need to make a couple of settings adjustments depending on how you connect to the internet and on any firewalls you may have installed on your machine.

It is way easier to make the settings adjustments than to explain what needs to be done. For that reason we don't have a help page set up for that. The reason being that even though it is quite simple to do, the explanation sounds so complicated that many players say "never mind" and just go play regular dominoes or spades somewhere without giving it a try. For that reason we prefer to do a "walk-through" with you on how to set a network router or a firewall to allow the game to connect through the game site in person via Yahoo Messenger (or over the telephone if a player prefers)

I hope this is of help to you and that you join in the 42Fun soon. We are fun bunch of players and play for fun. We don't take the competition way too seriously and have been having a blast playing over the internet since January, 17, 2001.

Sincere thanks for the time taken to read this.

Have Fun and Good Luck
Head Admin Texas42Club.com
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