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Saturday 03 November 2007
How do I set my wireles router to let me host my own tables?
First thing I should tell you is that if you get stuck on something that has to do with setting up your router, remember almost all router manufacturers provide free telephone support and many have online support that is easier to use nowadays. Just tell them what you are trying to do and they can walk you through it.

I will give you help best I can for setting the WinMoon game up (to allow you to host tables) through this answer. If it turns out you are very new to computers and find this stuff confusing and scary, don't get frustrated or panic. Using voice conference on Yahoo works best for helping people with the setup of their wireless router's permission to allow connections from the game.

If you are using your wireless router as an n.a.t. firewall, you have the ideal firewall. It's an easy setting to make and it is literally impenetrable by anyone. If you need help with that, let me know later when you got about 3 minutes and I'll show you. Likely you will figure that on your own if you have not already.

Now how to allow game connections:

When you open the router page, you use a web browser. Mine is a Belkin, but they all work the same way. in the browser's address bar opens mine. Yours will be similar or the same.

If it asks for a pass word, leave it blank and click on the submit or enter tab, unless you have assigned a password.

What you are wanting to do is find the "virtual server" tab. On the Belkin Wireless router the virtual servers tab is below the firewall heading (which is also the tab to get in and turn the firewall on. If a page you use does not open you may need to turn it off to open it but it's easy to turn back on).

As before, if it asks for a password, leave it blank and click on the submit or enter tab, unless you have assigned a password.

There will be a grid with headings along the lines of:
Enable Description Inbound port Type Private IP address Private port

The "enable" column will have check-boxes, or a tab, or some way of ticking it to an on or off position. The "Inbound port" column will have boxes you can type port numbers into. The port number for WinMoon is 3633.

The ports of all of the WinDominoes are 3632 through 3637. I play all of the games, so I have six entries. On the Belkin wireless router, I have to check a box and enter each port number on a separate row. So I have a box checked and the port number in both boxes under "Inbound port" and both boxes under "private port". It would not allow me to put the port range in the two boxes. I had to put the same port number in all four boxes on each row for each game. Yours won't be very much different than that. If tinkering with it causes any trouble, simply go back in and undo any changes you have made. So, if you have doubts, make arrangements in advance of tinkering with this to call me on the phone. It's no big deal we can fix anything you get wrong in there in a matter of minutes over the telephone.

The "Private IP Address" column is for the private ip of the computer you wish the router to allow the game to connect to. It will be yours or Melba's. You will find which private ip to use for your machine under the "DHCP Client List" heading. As before, if it asks for a pass word, leave it blank and click on the submit or enter tab, unless you have assigned a password. You will see the list of computers connected through the wireless router. The Belkin says "Host Name" in the column header above the list.

Ok some have asked this before, so here is how to find out your computer's name on the router's DHCP client list:

Right click on "My Computer" icon by going to it on the "start" menu or on the desktop either one. Left click on "properties". There will be a pop up menu with tabs at the top. You will see the "Computer Name" Tab.
You will see "full computer name" below the computer description box and above the "Workbook" name which if unchanged will say "Workbook"

I warned you it might be scary. It is way easier to guide someone through this by voice conference or telephone mainly because we have no idea how computer savvy a person is we are typing to. We can tell when we are confusing the person and can back up for a moment.

I hope I did a good job. We are glad to have you.

You folks might want to get Yahoo Messenger. It's free. and we use it for Tournament Chat during tourneys. We use it to voice during Tourneys and even just regular games. Makes it just like playing in Melba's kitchen.

Speaking of which, we are having a tournament at 8pm Texas Time Sunday. To join the tourney, you need to join the Moonn42 Shoot-the-Moon league. The link to it is on the left bar in all of the game lobbies.

There is a Navigator Page at http://home.earthlink.net/~42/club/moonn42_menu.html
That makes it handy to make your way around the game rooms and league sites.

Do let me know if you have any trouble with any of this stuff.

[Submitted by Beerdaddy42]
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