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Monday 10 December 2007
We have never played 42. Is there anywhere I can go online to watch and learn?
--- Darrell wrote:

> We are going on a trip with some people that play 42. We have never
> played. Is there anywhere i can go online to watch and learn? We know
> how to play trump and trick taking games like euchre and pinochle.
> Hope you can help.
>> Thanks, Darrell

~HowdY~, Darrell
It was good to hear from you. I hope that this helps.

A good Euchre player will usually pick up 42 pretty quickly. Pinochle, Spades, & Bridge players often tell that their board playing skills increase as a result of mastering 42.

You can learn the game of 42 in a couple of hours and in a matter of days or a few weeks can get pretty good at it. Mastering 42 in a few months is not a real problem. But, a lifetime to enjoy it is not nearly enough, so in the nicest parts of Heaven they have put up Moon n 42 tables!

There are three things I recommend to help get you started and fundamentally sound at the game. First, make sure you have a Double-Six set of dominoes. Second there is a web site that is the absolute best for a new player to learn how the game plays. They have a good section for players to improve their game there, but ya'll won't really be ready for that yet and won't need it to have a fun time and be competitive, so just stick to the "42 primer" you can be Texas42 Grandmasters next year when you go. And third, there is an excellent software program created by Mr Curtis Cameron at CCdominoes.com that will do exactly what you have requested and more!

The website is one by Paul Proft. He started it originally to help teach his grandkids that lived across the country from him how to play 42. It has now grown to a very authoritative resource for information about the game and how to play it properly. You will want to spend sometime at his site. It also has background information about the game I hope you find of as much interest as I have.

There is free software that you can download that you can use to play against computer "bot" players. It has the features of being able to play it while it reveals to you all four hands to you so that you can see what it is doing and it will even play all of the hands while you watch. You can do that for a while and then play it in the regular fashion. The bot players are fairly good players but with your Euchre/Pinochle background, in a short time you will beat them 50 to 70 percent of the time. I am not certain how much benefit there is from the latter feature but the former I know is a great help to teaching new players. I have used it for that. The game will automatically keep track of your statistics so that you can make a better guess about the progress you are making.

We had a lady in one of the Dakotas that taught her own self to play using the Win42 Game. She played in our leagues for quite some time and became a pretty good player very much on her own. Not to bad for an 80 year old gal that's never been to Texas or met anyone that ever played the game! She had just found us on the web and liked the game.

Now, I do not know how much time you have to work on learning to play, but I am guessing a couple of weeks which is more than plenty of time.

Just go the the Texas42Club's membership site and log in. There are links at the top of the page and one of them is labeled "Links". Just click on that and on the page it opens to, click on the link labeled, "Help Pages". The top link there is Mr Proft's 42 Page. It will help you to go to the printable version and print the six page booklet first to keep handy. After you use the website to get the basics down using the web page, you can get out a set of dominoes and work through the examples using the printed booklet.

You can very likely click on the frames version or the non frames version of the website. So, just click on them and use the version you prefer the best.

Having done those things (likely in less than and hour or two, you want to download the free trial version of the game to practice playing on your computer. The free trials are good for more than a long enough period of time to get your self plenty of practice. The charm of Texas42 is how simple the game really is. This step won't take long and you are going to want to play real people. I expect if you start Friday evening that you will be at that stage by Saturday or Sunday!

So how do you do that? Well you can use the software to play real people over the internet! This part is only slightly tricky in that the game will normally connect to other players by joining their table without doing anything but to click on "Empty Seat" in the Win42 Game Lobby.

To host your own tables can be slightly tricky more or less depending on how versatile you are with the computer. It's not difficult to to do but telling someone how to set their router to allow game connections through the lobby is just plain tough if the person is novice at computer stuff (and with the wave of wireless connections these days, nearly everyone has a router). We have helped many many people with that. We have club volunteers that will assist you if you need help with it. So, when you get to that part, don't get frustrated and flustered. Just get us to help you. It rarely takes more than about five minutes to help you get this done. It is less confusing to you and it helps us help you quicker and easier if we can use either Yahoo messenger's voice conference or the telephone to walk you through this step.

I should note here that if you set up a table in the Win42 lobby there will be a "Test" button you can click. It will tell you if the game is blocked from allowing others to join you or not. If it tells you it sees the game there, you are set up to host and need no further help to host your own tables. If the free version does not connect, the paid versions won't either. The free trials are fully functional. They just limit the number of hands you can play without disconnecting and then reconnecting to the table.

There is another cool feature of the Win42 game. You can play family and friends that live across town or around the world anytime you like! Y'all can connect and just play each other and of course you are welcome to challenge us at the Texas42Club for fun games or participate in our leagues.

We hope that this information is enough to get you where you want to be with playing 42. The Texas42Club is an outfit that is all about introducing the game to new people. We do play over the internet (we have a live in person event every so often) and have leagues for all of the games that come with the free download. You are going to like the no ads and no web-critters aspect of the software which are so prevalent over the web these days.

Bid High ~ Play Fast

Best Regards,
Head Admin Texas42Club.com
[Submitted by Beerdaddy42]
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