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Monday 03 March 2008
Why can other players not join my game table from the lobby?
The WinMoon Game and the Win42 games allow almost everyone to join other tables. To host a table of your own that other players can join from the game lobbies, there is a common problem that occurs.

Most folks are getting wireless these days. Often they are unaware they access the internet using a router because they have a wireless connection. The game server can not make it back to your computer when someone tries to connect to your table by clicking empty seat in the game lobby because you have not told the router what to do when it tries to connect to another player that way. What keeps the players from connecting is that the router has to be "pointed" to the computer on the wireless network you are playing from. This is true even if you have a wireless connection and there is only one computer on the network. It is also true if you share an internet connection with another computer using a wired router or device such as a hub or switch.

If you would like to connect to other players in the WinDominoes games lobby, join other tables by clicking on empty seats. Don't worry which room we are in, Texas42Club players won't mind.

If you wish to be able to host your own tables that others can join, you will need to point your router. If this stuff sounds beyond your technical abilities, there are two ways to get assistance. The Texas42Club has Game-Helps that will be glad to assist you. We can find one that knows your router and can walk you through it. Remember it is much easier to point your router than it will be to explain it too you, so don't get scared.

The other way is actually easier. Most all manufacturers of routers and connection sharing devices these days have free telephone support. All of them have far superior web support systems in place now for the users of their products. They can all be found on the internet and provide web and phone support contact information.

The games use ports 3632 through 3637. This page, "Lobby Instructions", from the game site will help you if you already know how to access and set your router.

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