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Thursday 19 April 2007
God rest Grannynancy42
It is regrettable to have to report the news of Nancy Cokewatt's death. She was a true enthusiast of Shoot-the-Moon, 42, and Dominoes.

Grannynancy was a very active player on all 3 of our club's ladders. She was tuff to beat and fun to play against even when she whupped up on you.

Many of us have reported a final loss to her to honor her memory. I sure hope she makes it to #1 on all 3 ladders.

She was such a character and a wonderful person. She liked to play and did not mind carpin' n crow'n with the best of them.

Bless you, Granny and when you get to the Moon n 42 tables in Heaven, Look up my old GrandDad so he can have him a real good partner on the dominoes tables.

We will be missing you.
[Submitted by Beerdaddy42]
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