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Friday 25 May 2007
Q: How do I get started playing Win42, WinMoon & Windominoes tourneys and League Play? - by LeRoy
Ok let's take this one step at a time then. The first step is to get the game software we use and set it up to play others via the internet. We'll deal with that here.

We play at www.ccdominoes.com - The trial version of the software we use is free. We want you to be able to play as much Moon n 42 as you can before the free versions expire on you. If the free versions won't connect to others online, the paid versions won't either. Our experience has been that players that have an easy time getting set up nearly always purchase the full versions of the games they enjoy playing at the game site and continue to enjoy all of the Moon n 42 FuN with us!

We want you to know you can rest easy knowing that unlike many free downloads on the internet these days, there is no adware or malware of any kind installed with the software. The game site has no ads of any type. One big plus is that the software allows you to play against computer players without even connecting to the internet. This is great for practicing and an exceptional tool for teaching new players how to play Moon n 42. When playing off-line, you can even set the game to show all 4 hands!

With only few exceptions players can join game tables without doing anything but clicking on "EMPTY SEAT" at a game table at the game site we connect through.. To be able to host a game table, it takes a few settings changes to allow other players join game tables you have set up if you are on a network and /or behind a router..

We will need to know if your system is on a network and or behind a router or not. If you use a wireless connection to log on to the internet, you are almost certainly behind a router.

If so and (/or) if you have a firewall in place, some settings need to be made in order to host game tables at the game site. Most firewalls will ask you to grant permission for programs to connect to the internet so firewall settings normally don't present a problem.

Depending on how computer savvy you are, you may not need any help at all. If setting your router and or network to allow the game to connect through specific ports is something totally new to you, please don't get scared. We do have Texas42Club volunteers that will help you. If you are not very savvy with computer / internet stuff, Some of the explanations will sound complicated and difficult, but I assure you it's way more difficult for us to explain it to you than it is to actually do. It's only a few steps and we have never failed to be able to get a new player set up to play online using the software we use.

The games use port numbers 3632 through 3637. If you already know how to "point" or "trigger" your router then that is about it for the most part. If you have more than one computer on your network you are wanting to be able to play from, it's only a little bit more complicated than that but still no problem.

Again, we find that if players are able to set up and join game tables from the very beginning, they will nearly always go to the game site we play at and purchase the games that they enjoy playing from them. Well actually them is him. Curtis Cameron wrote the software and set up the game site, CCdominoes.com, mostly as a labor of love. The Texas42Club makes nothing from the sale of the games and we have no financial ties with Mr. Cameron.

There is another site you can go play at but they only have 42 and you would be required to pay to register and to give specific personal information including your home and cell phone number and your home address. Their version of the game was beta-tested by the Texas42Club and we found the game there is no where as enjoyable to use as the Win42, WinMoon, and WinDominoes games. They simply provide a by far and a way superior gaming experience, so we stayed with the Win42 game suite.

One last note, we play a lot of our games using Yahoo Messenger's voicing capability for that real-live-in-person gaming experience. It's a Real HooT! Our club volunteers prefer to use Yahoo Voice Conference (it's free) to help new players. Our second choice is to simply call you or to have you call us on a cell phone. Like I said, explaining how to make the settings is the only thing complicated about helping people. Being able to speak is just plain easier than typing back and forth.

I hope this helps.
Sincere Thanks

Beerdaddy42 ~Bid High Play Fast~
Texas42Club admin

The next step I will post is How to join the leagues we have for Win42, WinMoon, and WinDominoes

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