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Texas42 - This IS Your GrandPa's Game!

~HowdY~ Welcome to the Texas42Club's Membership site. We play Texas42, Dominoes, and Shoot-the-Moon over the internet and occasionally host and sponsor live-in-person events as well as host leagues and Tournaments for all three games.

Everything is free and there are no ads at our membership site or at the game site we play over the internet at, CCdominoes.com

You will find fun and competitive players for all three of these exciting games. So join the site, it's free. Check out all of the sections on the main page and the links across the top.

We don't mind if you join the club and just keep tabs on us without playing in our leagues. We would have kicked your butt anyway ~GriN~

But, we hope that you do join us in the Dominoes, Moon, n 42 Fun that we been having since January 17, 2001. We promise you'll have a lot of enjoying times and get even better at your favorite games! If not, we'll give you a full refund on the price of our Club Membership. But then, you can ALWAYS get your money back on free stuff ~GriN~

Our Member's Site has a chat box that works without downloading any software. It features links to Texas42, Moon, and Dominoes resources. It has a private mail system contained within the system to contact folks for games and assistance. Subscribe to the news letter if you like. It's our way of keeping folks updated that want to be notified of events and club happenings. You can un-subscribe anytime you like at the click of a button. And, you'll find the Dominoes Digest helpful in finding your way around our little corner of the World Wide Web!

Get ready for a fun ride. Our outfit is a real HooT!

Bid High ~ Play Fast ~ Have Fun

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